Friday, January 30, 2015

Update for Sunday.....

First things first:  The bus to Sassi is scheduled to leave at 8:00.   Dress warmly, bring heavy gloves, jackets and warm socks. 

Jeff Walker and I will be leading a "tour de Falmouth" ski tour on Sunday.  Times and details to follow after the race tomorrow.  We'll probably start in the morning and go from Blackstrap hill to Community park.  Parents are welcome!! 

We will meet at Community park at 9:00, shuttle to Blackstrap hill preserve  and ski from there back to the park.  Then we will drive to Maddens for snacks and/or lunch. Below is the checklist from last year.    

Do not show up unprepared!

Please bring:
a dry shirt to put on after the trip
a small to medium back pack
a water bottle (full)
a couple of lightweight snacks
extra warm socks (in addition to the ones you will be wearing)
extra heavy mitts (in addition to the ones you will be wearing)
a face mask
hand and toe warmers
some money for lunch at Madden's after the trip
a cell phone
layers of clothing
touring or waxless skis if you have them.  Classic race skis might be ok (but not ideal)  if you are in the back of the pack so that the trail can be broken ahead of you.

Eat a big, healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water in the morning.

Remember this will be a strenuous trip, we will be skiing through deep snow.  This is much more tiring than skiing on a groomed trail.  Be sure that you are up for this type of trek. You need to be a strong skier.  No one should feel any pressure to attend.  This is optional.  You could, alternatively, go to Pineland or Riverside or to the High school trails.

Bus to Sassi!!!!

Latest word on the bus. Be at the HS at 7:45. The bus is scheduled to leave at 8:00. Please continue to check the blog and FB for any changes.

Wax Room at 12:30

With school in early release today, we will open the wax room at 12:30

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sassi memorial race

The start time for the race has been moved back to noon.  Stand by for a new bus time.
It's spirit time again! 

Tomorrow, Friday, is going to be PAJAMA DAY!! (WAHOOOO) Everyone, racing and not racing, should wear some pajamas! 

Thursday - Saturday Agenda

Thursday:  Classic practice at Pineland. 

  • LEAVE School by 2:35pm. Kick Wax at Pineland. On Snow for 75-90 min.

Short classic practice at HS, followed by team Ski Cleaning & waxing.

Saturday:  Sassi
Classic at Black Mountain.  Bus leaves at 6:45 ??- Stay tuned departure may change due to a change in the race start time.  First Race is now at 12:00.

Weather Forecast and Snow Conditions:

  • Friday night: High 29 degF, NE wind @5 mph, 90% chance Precip, 3-5" accumulation possible!

  • Saturday: High 11 degF, NW wind @ 15 mph, 30% chance Precip, Wind Chill near -14 degF.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wednesday Libby Hill Race

  • Falmouth Schools are closed Wednesday.
  • Gray/New Gloucester will be hosting the Race today at Libby Hill as scheduled.
  • We are a full Go!
  • I will open the wax room at the MS at noon for student/athletes.
Libby Hill Race Deats
Early release for Student/Athletes
Bus Departs at 2:10
Boys start at 3:30
Girls start at 4:00 (girls this could change to be a 10 minute after the last boy)
Waves of 12
Weather and Snow Condition Forecast
  • Tuesday night low around 11 degF, New Snow to 3" Wind 15-25 mph = wind chill -10degF
  • Wednesday High near 24 degF mostly sunny in the afternoon. Wind NW 10-15mph
Waxing Prediction for Skate Races
  • Cold New Snow temp around 18 degF, soft track conditions, Humidity >80%; 
  • Wind Chill -2 degF
  • LF graphite base then Blue HF or LF with C105 powder
  • LF graphite base then Blue HF6 or LF6 with LF3 Cold Powder
If you plan to wax at home and need wax contact Coach Barry and I will get it to you. I will be at the School at 4:15 to hand out wax.